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The Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca also known as the White Coast, is a beautiful destination which draws in millions of tourists every year. It extends along the eastern coast of Spain roughly located in the middle, and covers the province of Alicante.

What is an N.I.E. ?

An NIE Number is a tax identification number to be used in Spain.
Prior to purchasing a property, selling a property, obtaining a mortgage, starting up a business or working in Spain, it is a requirement by law that every individual possess an NIE Number.

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What is a Residencia ?

The new Residents Certificate is a replacement for the existing foreign Residence Card (Residencia Card) which foreigners used to have to apply for after being physically resident in Spain for more than 6 months.

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Mortgage Paperwork Required

The documents required to complete the mortgage will vary from bank to bank. Most will not require all the documents listed below, however, for completeness we have included a comprehensive list of what could potentially be requested from you:-

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